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      1、 The main structure of the Dicer: frame, conveying system, pressing system and transmission system. Parameters: production capacity: 500-1000KG motor power: 3kw-3.7kw power supply voltage: 220V50Hz cutting length: adjustable cutting width: customized overall dimension: 1480 × eight hundred × 980. Principle of frozen meat Dicer: adjust the cutting thickness knob to change the pushing speed of the meat push rod to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness. Adjust the preload knob to ensure the consistency of the product in the cutting process. Adjust the meat push rod to step motion. When single edge cutting is adopted, the extrusion of products in the cutting process can be reduced. One side of the cutting groove adopts a movable side pressing mechanism to facilitate feeding and improve work efficiency. Braised chicken chopper frozen meat chopper commercial automatic chicken chopper chicken duck poultry chopper chopper scope of use: frozen meat, whole chicken, whole duck, etc

      1. The working speed of the cutting machine is fully automatic mode, and it can cut 50 ~ 90 kg every 10 minutes.
      2. The chopper is designed as a plane body with all stainless steel sealing plate, which is in line with food hygiene and easy to clean;
      3. Stainless steel door with special surface treatment, easy to clean and maintain;
      4. The thickness adjusting plate is reinforced, which is easy to adjust the processing thickness and will not shake when moving
      5. The cutting machine is equipped with pressure bar design to improve the working performance
      6. The machine is waterproof, easy to clean and hygienic.
      7. The bone cutting machine has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, good cutting effect and so on. The cutter of the Dicer is integrated. The integrated cutter is easy to clean and easy to do meat cutting equipment. The whole machine is made of stainless steel with beautiful appearance. This Dicer can cut cold, fresh and semi frozen meat into cuboids and cubes of different sizes and shapes according to customers' needs. Fresh tofu can be cut into cubes and cuboids of different sizes and shapes. The Dicer can also be processed into strips and pieces in various shapes. Can be processed into 3 to 100 mm pieces, D, bars and other shapes. The Dicer is designed and manufactured with advanced machinery, with reasonable structure. The function can achieve accurate and fast "Ding", "silk" and "slice" and high work efficiency.
      2、 Features of Dicer:
      1. Adjust the cutting thickness knob, and the meat Dicer will change the pushing speed of the meat push rod to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.
      2. By adjusting the pre pressure knob, the meat cutter can ensure the consistency of the product in the cutting process.
      3. Adjust the meat push rod to step motion. When the fresh meat Dicer adopts single edge cutting, it can greatly reduce the extrusion of the product in the cutting process.
      4. The cutting groove side of the fresh meat Dicer adopts a movable side pressing mechanism, which is convenient for feeding and improves the working efficiency.
      3、 Main advantages of Dicer:
      1. The Dicer and shredder are compact in structure and adopt optimized sanitary design,
      2. The casing and cutting grid are made of stainless steel,
      3. The cutter adopts double-sided cutting edge, with high working efficiency,
      4. Adjust the thickness cutting knob, and stepless speed regulation can be carried out on the push rod to meet the requirements of different cutting thicknesses.
      5. The pre pressure design is adopted to ensure that the diced meat is uniform in the cutting process.
      6. During single edge cutting, the meat push rod moves step by step to ensure the correct cutting size.
      7. This machine can adapt to the normal cutting of meat from - 5 ℃ to normal temperature. It is the equipment needed in meat food processing.

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