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    3. 歡迎光臨濟南宏泰食品機械有限公司官方網站!

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      Pepper is a kind of food material deeply loved by people. It is a good choice whether it is used as cooking or condiment. When processing pepper, we mainly focus on primary processing, and carry out simple processing on the basis of ensuring that the nutrition of pepper is not destroyed, such as powdering, shredding, segmentation, sauce, etc.
      When manually processing pepper, it will always choke or feel hot for various reasons. This problem will not occur when using machinery and equipment. When processing special equipment, it only needs simple manual auxiliary feeding. Some models such as wire cutter and section cutter are equipped with automatic distribution hopper, which is more convenient and fast, simple equipment operation and low technical requirements for workers.

      There are two processing forms for the pepper powder beater. One is to grind the pepper into pieces through the stranding cage, and then screen it out through the sieve plate. This processing method basically retains the pepper seeds completely, which will cause waste to a certain extent; The processing method of another pulverizer is to roll the dry pepper into powder. The pepper powder processed by this equipment is in the form of powder. While grinding the pepper, the pepper seeds are also rolled into powder, which will not be wasted.
      There are also two modes of pepper cutting machine. One is to use hob extrusion cutting, and the other is to cut up and down reciprocating. According to the different drying degree of pepper, the hob cutting machine is selected for dry pepper, and the chopping cutting machine is selected for fresh pepper. The special machine is used for special purpose to reduce the failure rate of equipment.
      Some dishes will use some decorations in order to be beautiful. Shredded chili is one of the decorations. Generally, the shredded chili used for decoration is dried chili. The shredded chili is produced with a chili shredder, which has high production efficiency, simple operation, easy to learn and low failure rate.
      With these special pepper processing equipment, the development of pepper processing industry is faster and faster, and there are more and more kinds of pepper products.

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